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Matt & Gwuen's wedding at the Historic Willow Creek Inn a Boutique Event Venue, in Prescott, Arizona

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

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When Matt and Gwuen started their quest for a professional wedding photographer and filmmaker, they had high hopes but were met with a few challenges. Their wedding was approaching fast and their list of photographers and filmmakers they would like to work with was not promising. That was when they contacted me, and fate had a different plan for them. I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their beautiful journey.

From our very first interaction, their positive and genuine attitude impacted me, and I admit and I too wanted to say “I do” to them immediately. Matt reviewed my online profile and portfolio as an additional layer of security and when we connected again for the second time, they knew I would be their selected professional photographer and filmmaker for their wedding. What followed were several telephone and video calls where we systematically went over their entire wedding day and drafted the absolute perfect agenda, based on their unique personality.

However, as we know the unpredictability of the monsoon season here in the Sonoran Desert, Matt and Gwuen's wedding day proved to be a testament to their love's resilience, as the weather chose to show us a little fun. Sunshine, rain, clouds, hail, thunderstorms, and gusty winds were all on the menu; all within a four-hour window. Matt and Gwuen's spirits, however, stayed unshaken. Their deep passion for each other, and their desire to celebrate their love with family and friends, were the perfect receipee that resulted in unforgettable sweet moments and unique photographs and footage.

Matt and Gwuen got married at the Willow Creek Inn, a Boutique Event Venue in Prescott, Arizona, located in the picturesque Prescott landscape. This venue displays a rustic charm and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. The Willow Creek Inn is the perfect location for couples seeking a beautiful and intimate setting for their special day. It features lush gardens, elegant indoor spaces, and a dedicated team of professionals who make it a priority to help everyone enjoy their stay. This is a true gem.

I am deeply grateful and honored to be their selected professional photographer and filmmaker and capture their wedding day. It's moments like these that remind us of the power of love and the unique opportunity I have as a photographer to witness true love. Thank you so much for your trust in our work and we wish you a happily ever after love story together.

Photos by Antonio Medina Follow me on INSTAGRAM for more @AntonioMedinaPhotography @AntonioMedinaWeddings


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