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Patricia and Josh's backyard style wedding near the Lost Dutchman Park in Mesa, Arizona

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

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Patricia, and Josh found the perfect nest to celebrate their commitment to each other at a stunning house near the Lost Dutchman Park in Mesa, Arizona. Their entire wedding took place in a charming house, and I could not be happier to see their faces light up on their wedding day.

Patricia and Josh’s wedding celebration story started when Patricia’s mother Mrs. Joan reached to me to photograph their wedding. From our very first interaction and conversation, it was clear this union was unique and was a direct result of true love. Mrs. Joan’s enthusiasm was visible, and I felt her excitement and love for her family. Joan reviewed my online site, made sure she liked my style of capturing wedding, scheduled a free consultation, and then ensure her daughter was also present at the meeting. We discussed every aspect of the wedding, from my arrival time to my departure time. Every moment was accounted for, and we all knew exactly everything that was happening throughout the wedding day. There was no hesitation, no second-guessing – Patricia was resolute in her choice, and we confirmed their booking right there and then. Patricia wanted to have get-ready, first look, bridal party, family photos, ceremony, reception, cake cutting and candid photos throughout the wedding day. We did just that and even had time to interact, laugh and enjoy the delicious meals catered locally.

Throughout the entire booking process, what began as a professional relationship blossomed into something truly special. Our regular interactions, whether over emails or through zoom discussions, were marked by camaraderie and shared excitement for the big day. Their trust in me was not just appreciated but inspiring – it encouraged me to pour all my passion as a photographer into ensuring their wedding photography would be nothing short of magical. As a result, their wedding photography turned out to be more than magical. Every angle photographed had a taste of what had drawn them to commit to each other and a testimony of how when supported by family and friends the best memories can forever be saved. Their journey, from the first contact with Mrs. Joan to the final click of the shutter, was one filled with joy, emotion, and unwavering trust. I am honored to have been trusted with capturing Patricia and Josh’s wedding and be a part of their wedding story. Stories like Patricia and Josh are a reminder of what makes me happy. I feel privileged and excited to create even more delightful wedding stories, weave dreams into photographs and capture the beauty of love in all its forms.

Thank you Patricia, Josh and Joan for the opportunity to help you create magic.

Photos by Antonio Medina Follow me on INSTAGRAM for more @AntonioMedinaPhotography @AntonioMedinaWeddings

LIKE the Facebook page @CidadeVisualArts Location: Near the Lost Dutchman Park in Mesa, Arizona

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