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How is your booking process?
My booking process is super easy.
- Send your information using our contact form
- Receive our brochure and select your package
- Schedule your free consultation only takes a few clicks (optional)
Click HERE to schedule a phone consultation call 
Click HERE to schedule an in-person consultation meeting
Click HERE to schedule a ZOOM Video Consultation call
- Receive a proposal based on your package selection
- Confirm your booking with a 50% retainer
- Follow ups leading to your session
- Your session
- Receive your products on time

How far in advance can someone book you?
I do not have a limit as to how far someone can book my services, however, to better serve my clients bookings must be confirmed no later than 48 hours prior to the session, pending availability of course.

I am not good with photography poses, can you help?
Yes, depending on your Photography project I may be able to send a pose guide to help you. However, I usually try to help my clients with clear directions that are sure to compliment their poses and produce great results.

Do you work with LGBT Couples?
Yes, I believe we are all equal and deserve the same treatment. I would love to capture any special moment regardless of orientation or affiliation.

How do I get my photos/videos?
All final products are delivered online through your personal online gallery. There, you will be able to download all of you photos/videos with a few simple clicks.

What forms of payment do you accept?
My prefer method of payment is online using Debit or Credit Cards. However, in certain occasions I may facilitate cash, Venmo, Cash App or Paypal payments.

Can I get all unedited photos of my session?
I deliver final products that best represent you and my brand. I do not withhold good photos. All good photos will be available to you to download. I only omit photos with blinks, open mouths, weird faces (unless requested), blurry and undesirable looks. 

What to expect from your editing workflow?
I take the time to curate each photo separately by giving it a color correction, white balance, level adjustment and then I apply my signature look which produces the effect you see in my photos. I also do limited retouching as needed such as removing hairs over the eye, bruises, freckles or scars, however, the look in my photos is consistent with my style which is the luxurious and film look.

Do I have to order prints from your?
No, however, when you order your prints through me, you are guarantee premium result with true vibrant colors. Local print shop that offer lower quality prints that fades over time also offer lower prices.

Do you travel outside of Arizona?

Yes, I have been hired by clients in California, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico and Florida. All travel expenses are added to you invoice so you won't have to worry about a thing except for enjoying your special day. 


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