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The Gutierrez Family Portrait Photography Session, Encanto Park in Phoenix, Arizona

As the holiday season approaches, I could not be more excited when I received the call to photograph one of my favorite couples and families, the Gutierrez. . They just had a beautiful little girl, well about a year ago, and were looking to capture this Fall season and document the growth of their bundle of joy. We have been good friends for over 7 years now, however I always get excited to see them. I also get excited to shoot candid photos as portrait style because it shows the real moment as genuine and sincere as possible.

The Gutierrez are super fun people, which makes working with them feel more like a hangout experience. They are also amazing dancers, performers and instructors specializing in Salsa and Bachata. Thank you so much for the opportunity to capture your moments and friendship over the years. I look forward to creating unique, beautiful photographs with your family.

About the location: We had this amazing Family Portrait Photography session at the Encanto Park in Phoenix, Arizona. This beautiful park offers plenty of sceneries and sights any Photographer would totally enjoy. Families, couples and kids can engage in diverse activities both indoors and outdoors. There an amazing man-made lake in the center of the park which at given moment reflects beautiful sunlight and creates the dreamy look many photographers look for. The Park is also available for events such as Wedding, Corporate Meeting, Birthday Parties, Quinceneras and more. Visit the Encanto Park to see for yourself.

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