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The Celebration of Austin's Life

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

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It was an honor to be trusted to photograph the celebration of Mr. William Austin Nelms' life. People mourn differently because we are all unique in our own way. Despite how we cope with the passing of a loved one, we can also appreciate the bittersweet memories of the last goodbye with family and friends.

I did not have the pleasure to personally meet Mr. Nelms, however, just from the incredible amount of love and support hundreds of people gave during the celebration of his life, we can all agree he was a beacon of light and Angel among us. He had impacted the lives of so many people, he came across with and had blessed so many others.

While it can be challenging to plan and execute a last tribute to a loved one, celebrating life brings closure and is a rewarding experience to keep. My prayers go to the Mr. William Austin Nelms' entire family and supporters. May he rest in peace and watch over us as we pass through life. Thank you again everyone for the opportunity to be a part of the celebration of Austin’s Life.

The complete image gallery will be available soon at the link below Photos by Antonio Medina Follow me on INSTAGRAM @AntonioMedinaPhotography @AntonioMedinaWeddings


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