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Jodi and Austin's Wedding in Laveen, Arizona

Jodi and Austin had a backyard home wedding at one of their friend’s beautiful house. Being present at their wedding day was like being at a warm, family gathering full of fellowship and excitement. Jodi and Austin are the type of people that others naturally can gravitate towards and feel welcomed. Their wedding day was relaxed, full of color, hugs, good food, dancing, worship, and live performances by their family members and friends.

I started the day with them by capturing their Groom and Bride preparation at two separate locations about 10 minutes from each other. Austin was surrounded by his close friends and family member and was ready to go. We took some amazing photos in the backyard, MIB style lol. The second portion of the preparation session were spent with Jodi and her Ladies. Friends and family gathered prayed and expressed their blessing and support to Jodi right before they headed outside for the ceremony.

I have been to many Wedding ceremony this year, however, I must admit nothing came close to the live performances by Austin’s Brother and Jodi’s Maid of Honor. The two have two of the most beautiful voice I have heard at a Wedding. This wedding is truly proof that one can have an amazingly special day with family and friends. It was beautiful to witness two people, who value each other, joined by the bond of matrimony, and celebrate the start of their new life together.

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to capture your Wedding and for thinking of me through your surprised gift. I can’t wait to see you two again and look forward to hopefully capturing your photographs in the future.

Photos by Antonio Medina

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